Superintendent’s Message

It is with great pride and great pleasure that I commit my service to the students, parents, community, faculty and staff of the Holmes County School District.  There is great potential in Holmes County, and together we will cultivate the minds, attitudes and behaviors of our students to excel in every aspect of school and life in general.  

As we work collaboratively to fulfill the vision and mission of being a premier school district that effectively prepares students for college and careers, I foresee schools achieving academic excellence, parents and community who are proud and supportive of individual schools and the district, the blending and braiding of resources and partnerships that strengthen early childhood education, academic preparation, extracurricular and athletic competition, arts integration, and technological advancement.

With this vision firmly established, I will work with the school board, district employees, students, parents and the community to attain the goals and implement the strategies outlined in this strategic plan.

Dr. Angel Meeks
Superintendent, Holmes County Schools

Becoming Premier

          Students                                                                      Teachers                                 Child Nutrition

Students tour Traveling Science Museum at
William Dean Elementary School.

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